Winterizing Your Home’s Curb Appeal: Best Practices in Dallas

Winterizing A Home’s Curb Appeal: Best Practices in Dallas

We all know how powerful curb appeal can be, and it’s every bit as necessary during the winter months as it is during warmer weather. Picture the big white house from nearly any holiday movie. It’s got beautiful lights, red flowers, and wreaths hanging uniformly in every window. Contrast that with a dark, glum home with no lights or decorations. Which one looks more inviting?

The answer is clear, and it illustrates the importance of keeping your home in tip-top shape through the winter. Whether you’re trying to sell your home or just want to keep it looking good for guests and passersby, here are some tips for upping your home’s visual appeal this winter.

Clear the Clutter

One of the most impactful things you can do to prepare your home’s exterior for winter is to clear away the clutter. Start by cutting back perennials and pulling up anything dead from your flower beds. Then clear out the leaves, weeds, and garbage that have accumulated in window wells, garden beds, and against the side of your house over the year. When you finish, store things like summer toys, rakes, lawn tools, and garden shovels away for the winter. With a little bit of effort, your home will look so much cleaner and will be much easier to decorate for the holidays.

Add Greenery

It’s easy for your yard and garden to look drab in the winter after the summer blooms have disappeared, but you can easily add some plants to your yard that will stay green all year round. If you don’t have much space to plant anything, small evergreen trees can easily be potted for your front porch and add a nice splash of color. String some lights around them for the holidays and your curb appeal will have an instant winter boost.

Update Lighting

Remember back to the two houses we talked about above? One of the biggest differences between the two is lighting. A dark house is a sad house, so add some lighting to maximize your home’s appeal. Consider updating your existing light fixtures if needed, or replace burned-out lightbulbs if they’re still in good shape. Then think about ways you can add more lighting. String lights are a great option, and white ones aren’t just for the holidays. Landscape lighting is another excellent option that will light your house up and add the warmth to your home that wintertime is lacking. 

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