This is Why Your Home Isn’t Selling in Texas

This is Why Your Home Isn’t Selling in Texas

The housing market is known for being unpredictable, so if your home isn’t selling, you’re probably wondering what’s going on. 

Is it just the market, or is there something wrong with your house? If you’re not getting much interest in your Texas home, here are some likely reasons why. 

It’s Overpriced

A recent survey revealed that the biggest challenge home sellers would face in 2021 is the temptation to overprice their homes. Following the global pandemic, the real estate boom has led to homes selling in record time and for record prices. It makes sense, then, to follow the upward trend in pricing your home. But seller beware – too high of a list price will scare away potential buyers. Most real estate professionals agree that it’s better to price your home lower and allow competition to drive the offers up. If your home isn’t selling, take a look at the list price and consider reducing it.

It Needs Some Work

Another common reason that houses don’t sell is that they need a lot of work. Maybe the kitchen is outdated, or it’s still rocking shag carpet from the ’80s. It could be that the HVAC system needs to be replaced or there’s a mold problem. Many buyers are wary of homes that need any work, so if you’re struggling to get offers on your house, then you might need to make some repairs.

It’s Too Personalized

Most buyers are looking for a nice neutral house, and anything too personal might scare them away. Bright pink walls might have been perfect for your little girl’s room, but what about potential buyers that are looking for a bachelor pad? If your home is filled with highly personalized paint colors or collections, consider repainting and storing anything that’s overly personal so your home will appeal to more buyers.

You’re Selling at the Wrong Time

There’s no “best time” to sell your home, but there certainly are times that are better than others. Spring is generally considered a great time to sell, while home sales in the fall and winter typically slow significantly. If you’re trying to sell your home in November or December, you’re probably seeing low traction because few people want to spend the holidays’ house hunting and moving. It might be a good idea to pull your house off the market for a few months and list it again in March or April.

It’s Not Marketed Well

A sign in your yard is an excellent place to start when you’re listing your home, but it’s not nearly enough to attract a crowd of buyers. A vast majority of home buyers start their search online, so if your home isn’t listed on all the major real estate websites, that can make a big difference. Make sure your listing has high-quality photos and a good description of your home.

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