Selling for Fast Cash? Here’s How Your Home’s Value is Calculated

One of the biggest questions that sellers tend to have about selling their homes is how much value their home has. That question may be followed up by one that is just as important, perhaps even more so: How is the value calculated? The answer is perhaps a little less straightforward than some would prefer since there are multiple factors at work.


A home’s condition has a dramatic impact on its value. The better the condition, the higher its value is likely to be. This is an especially important factor for buyers because the worse a home’s condition is, the more money they’ll have to spend to get it fixed up the way they want it. That’s a big deal for anyone who buys a home to use it to make money. Anything spent on improving the home’s condition will eat into their future profits. That’s taken into consideration when making an offer and may result in it being lower.


How does your home compare to similar homes for sale nearby? It makes sense for similar homes to sell for similar prices since they should have similar values. That comparison is something that buyers and sellers alike should take into consideration when making or considering an offer on a property. It’s a good indicator of an offer’s fairness.


People like to make a big deal about location in real estate, and for good reason. Where a property is located directly impacts how desirable it is to buyers. Local schools, proximity to businesses and services, and the crime rate are just a few factors that impact a buyer’s willingness to make an offer on a property. The more desirable the location, the greater value the property is perceived to have. Conversely, the less desirable the location, the lower the value of the home will be. Remember, a home is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. If they aren’t willing to pay as much because the home is in an undesirable location, its perceived value will be lower.

Understanding what goes into how your home’s value is calculated is important for every seller. It’s the knowledge you need to discern if an offer you’ve been given for your home is fair or not. If you ever want more details about what goes into the offer that’s been made for your home, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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