Sell Your House in Texas in a Month or Less With These 3 Essential Tips

Even in today’s market, where houses are getting offers within days of listing, it still takes an average of two months to sell your house. It takes time to prepare your house, find a real estate agent, schedule open houses and showings, and field offers. Then, once you’re under contract, there’s the buyer’s due diligence period, and the time the bank needs to process the mortgage paperwork.

With all of that, you might be doubting if it’s even possible to sell a house in less than a month. Rest assured, it is. These three essential tips will get your home sold before you finish saying “escrow.”

1. Work With a Top Agent

There’s a reason real estate agents get paid the big bucks, but not every agent will be able to get your house sold quickly. Do your research and find an agent with experience in your area and a good record of selling homes on a tight deadline. 

2. Find a Cash Buyer

The most prolonged period for most home sales is waiting for financing approval from the lender. A home is a significant purchase, so banks need to do extensive research and analysis to ensure the proposed buyer is responsible and capable enough to pay back the loan. 

When you sell your house to a cash buyer, you avoid waiting for all of that extra time. Cash homebuyers don’t rely on bank financing, so they might even waive the appraisal, which the lending institution often requires. All of this speeds up the process significantly. If you can find a cash buyer for your home, you’ll have no trouble at all completing the transaction before the month is up.

3. Make Your Home Move-In-Ready

A well-maintained, move-in-ready home will typically sell much faster than one that needs a lot of work. You might not have a lot of time to make repairs and updates in your home, but do the best you can. 

Declutter and tidy things up. Touch up the paint and patch any holes in the walls. Replaced burned-out light bulbs and make whatever minor fixes you can. This isn’t the time for major renovations or extensive upgrades; just make it a place someone could picture themselves living in without a considerable amount of work. 

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