Reasons to Sell a Home As-Is after a Loved One Passes Away

The passing of a loved one is a difficult time. You may be dealing with a lot of strong emotions that can make it difficult to know what to do next. That can make dealing with the aftermath of a loved one’s passing especially difficult. It’s still something that needs to be done though, especially when a house is involved. Sometimes the best thing to do with it is to sell it as is.


There’s a lot that needs to be done after a loved one’s passing, especially when a property is involved. The specifics regarding what happens to the house are dependent on the will, if one exists, and any outstanding debts left behind. The process of getting everything squared away can take some time, especially if the property needs to be sold. It’s common for properties to undergo repairs and renovations prior to selling, which can take even more time. On the other hand, all of that time can be spent in other ways if the home is sold as-is instead. It’s even easier to save time by selling to a cash buyer, since all the time eaten up with financing is eliminated.


If the estate needs to be sold, either to pay off debts or so the proceeds can be divided amongst heirs, it’s common to get the property fixed up to attempt to fetch a better price. This can be a two-edged sword, however. Getting a property all fixed up can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. If the house is instead sold as-is, there is no need to spend all that money on repairs. Selling for cash can save even more money, since there generally aren’t any commissions to pay and cash home buying companies often cover closing costs.


Selling a house can take a lot of work if you go the traditional route. A lot of that work can be avoided by choosing to sell as-is, however. There’s no need for DIY work or to find and hire contractors to handle projects for you. If the house is sold to a cash home buying company, the process is even easier, since you won’t have to do more than a single showing and can often pick your own closing date.

When a loved one passes away and leaves a home behind, figuring out how to deal with it can be tricky. Sometimes the best thing to do is to sell it as-is. That can save time and effort, while turning the house into a liquidated asset that can more easily be used to pay off any outstanding debts and be divided amongst the heirs. Sometimes the more quickly everything is able to be resolved, the better.

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