Interviewing a Potential Realtor in Texas? Ask These Questions.

Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Potential Realtor in Texas

So you’re looking for a potential realtor, and the first person you think of is your cousin’s best friend’s spouse. There’s also your friend from high school and a workout buddy from your gym. All of these people work as real estate agents, but how do you know if they’re the right agent to help you sell your house? Here are some questions to ask when you’re interviewing a potential real estate agent in Texas.

How Well Do You Know The Market In My Area?

A realtor might be highly sought after and successful in the Austin area, but not do a great job in Dallas. That’s because housing markets are so specific to cities and neighborhoods. It’s important to find a real estate agent that knows the market in your specific area very well. Ask your agent how long they’ve been buying and selling houses in your city, and if they’ve sold any in your neighborhood. More experience in an area is always a good thing.

How Many Clients Are You Working With Right Now?

While working with a lot of clients is often a sign of a desirable real estate agent, a heavy client load might indicate that they’ll have less time to spend selling your house. Look for a potential realtor that’s selling at least 1 house a month, but not more than 5. 

Do You Work With Both Buyers and Sellers?

Some real estate agents specialize in home buying or selling, while others work well doing both. Think about what you want in a realtor. If you’re selling and buying at the same time, it might be best to find someone who works on both ends of real estate transactions. 

Can I Call Your References?

Buying and selling a home is probably the biggest transaction you’ll ever make, so it’s important to find someone with good reviews. You can look online for realtor reviews, but it’s also helpful to call references and speak to them in person about their experience with the agent. Ask the references about their work ethic, timeliness, negotiation skills, and responsiveness. If you hear anything negative, consider interviewing other realtors.

Will I Be Working With You Independently, or With a Team?

It’s not uncommon for a real estate agent to work with a team, and if you don’t ask this question ahead of time you might find yourself hiring an agent you like only to realize you won’t be working with them at all. Ask your agent what their team is like and what parts of the process they’ll handle on their own. 

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