How to Stage Your Texas Home Like a Professional

How to Stage Your Texas Home Like a Professional

Staging is an important part of selling a house, and you can stage your Texas home like a professional by following these hot tips. 

A recent study on home staging reports that staged sell homes sell faster and for more money than their non-staged, and not just by a little bit. Real estate agents across the nation found that staging increased offer prices by as much as 10%. Here’s how to stage your home so that the offers will start rolling in.

Clean and Remove Clutter

It’s impossible to make a dirty and cluttered home look good. So before you start decorating and moving around furniture, you’ve got to focus on cleaning up. Start with a thorough deep clean of every room. Always clean top to bottom, and be sure to get the walls, cupboards, counters, windows, baseboards, and floors. 

Once your house is clean, go through and remove the clutter. Throw away or file stacks of papers, junk collecting in the corner, and anything else that’s unnecessarily taking up space in your home. It’s easiest to stage your Texas home when you start with a clean slate, so be thorough.

Prioritize Your Staging

It can be overwhelming to think of staging your entire home, and it’s really not necessary. Instead, prioritize your staging to the most important areas to buyers: the kitchen, living room, and master suite. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have your bathrooms, laundry room, closets, and spare bedrooms looking lovely, but you won’t get quite the same return on those rooms as you will on the more prominent spaces in your home. 

As long as the less important rooms are clean and clutter-free, you don’t need to spend much time on them. But as realtors often say, kitchens sell homes. You’ll never regret spending a little extra time and money to spruce things up and make your kitchen and main living areas a real showstopper.

Set the Scene

The ambiance of the space is key to making your home a welcoming space where buyers will want to spend time. Use the following tips to set the scene for an open house or showings:

  • Light a candle
  • Open all the curtains and blinds, and turn on every light in the house
  • Leave a plate of freshly baked cookies on the counter
  • Have fresh flowers on the table
  • Play music in the background (just make sure it’s not too loud or distracting)

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