How to Sell Your Home Quickly in Texas: 5 Proven Strategies That Work

It might seem unrealistic to sell your home quickly in Texas, but it’s entirely possible to do if you use the right strategy. It takes an average of 28 days to sell a home in Dallas, but that’s only the days on the market. Once you accept an offer and take your house off the market, it could be an additional 30 to 45 days before the buyer’s financing is ready. That means it could easily take two and a half months for you to sell your home. Here’s a look at 5 proven strategies that work to help you sell your home faster.

Find a Buyer Without Listing

One way to sell your home quickly is to find a buyer on your own without listing your house on the real estate market. This is usually done through word-of-mouth. Maybe a family member or friend knows someone who’s looking for a house in the area. Social media can help spread the word to those in your area that you’re looking for a buyer. This approach saves both the buyer and the seller time and money on real estate agents and can be a simple and quick approach to selling a house.

Create a Turnkey Home

If your home needs a lot of work, it might take longer to sell. You can avoid a lengthy stint on the market by putting in some work on the front end to make your house ready to go. Make any needed repairs. Touch-up paint, or repaint if needed. Examine your flooring and consider replacing it if it’s in poor condition. Clean everything from top to bottom, and stage your home in a way that highlights its best features. A home that’s immediately ready to occupy will sell much more quickly than one that needs a lot of work.

Price it to Sell

It’s never a good idea to overprice your home, but if you’re anxious to sell you might want to price it a little lower than the competition. Avoid going too low, because many buyers might think something’s wrong with an underpriced home. But $5,000 lower than the competition will help your home gain traction and get an offer quickly.

Find a Cash Buyer

Selling to a cash buyer is an easy way to sell your home fast. Unlike traditional home buyers, cash buyers don’t have to wait on bank financing so they can close much faster than those who are reliant on a lender. 

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