How Long Should I Expect a Cash Buyer to Take to Close?

So you’ve heard about selling your house for cash. Maybe you’ve heard that you can save time by not having to fix every little thing that isn’t quite perfect, or maybe you’ve heard that you can sell your home without a ton of work or hassle. One of the greatest benefits that selling your home to a cash buyer offers is speed, especially when it comes to closing.

A Week or Less

Did you know that a cash buyer can close a deal on your home in a week or less? That’s a minimum of 25% of the amount of time that it takes for a traditional buyer to close on a home. Selling your home to a traditional buyer often takes anywhere from 30-45 days, and can easily take longer if there are delays in the closing process. At a glance, selling to a cash buyer already looks like a much better option.

Why It’s So Fast

So what makes the difference? The biggest difference is that selling your home to a cash buyer instead of a traditional buyer cuts out the middleman. In this case, that middleman is the lender that the traditional buyer must go to in order to get a mortgage so they can afford to buy the house. Cash buyers, on the other hand, don’t need to borrow money to pay for the house. They already have the funds on hand, which cuts out literal weeks out of how long closing takes.

What That Means for You

At the end of the day, a faster closing only means good things for you. For one thing, it’s less time that you have to spend worrying about the buyer deciding to pull out of the deal at the last minute. Of course, Joe Homebuyers of Dallas doesn’t do that. Once an offer has been extended and accepted, the deal is as good as closed. The other significant benefit is that you can close quickly or whenever it’s convenient for you. You don’t have to close right away, but you don’t have to wait for what feels like forever either.

From start to finish, there isn’t any other way to sell a home that is consistently as quick as selling it to a cash buyer can be. Each part of the process is streamlined and designed to be as quick as possible, with as little effort as possible on your part. If you don’t want to deal with the months and months that it can take to sell your home using any other method, selling your house to a cash buyer is the best way to go.

Closing quickly isn’t the only way that selling to Joe Homebuyer of Dallas is better than listing with a local Texas agent. Click here to compare the two options and see for yourself.

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