How Do I Find a Legitimate Home Buying Company?

There are bad actors in every industry that exists. Real estate is no exception. Illegitimate or unscrupulous companies, buyers, agents, and sellers alike will take advantage of anyone they can. Falling victim to these schemes can be a huge blow. So how can you make sure a home buying company is legitimate?

Look at the Marketing

One of the first things you should look at is their marketing. How professional is it? What sort of contact information do they provide? If all you can find is a phone number, the company may be legitimate, but there is a much higher chance that they are predatory. Instead, look for marketing with a company name, phone number, website, and perhaps an email address. They should have an online presence and be easy to reach. Look for transparency as well. A legitimate company doesn’t have anything to hide.

Check Out the Reviews

If you want to know what you can expect your experience to be like, check out the reviews any home buying company has. Legitimate companies will receive positive feedback from customers. You may find this in testimonials on the company’s website and reviews on Google and social media. That said, no business can please everyone all of the time. A sprinkling of negative reviews is to be expected. Still, the response should be positive overall for a legitimate company.

Review the Paperwork Closely

Selling to a home buying company allows you to cut out all the middlemen typically involved in a home sale. Because of that, there is less paperwork involved in the sale than there otherwise would be. That said, carefully review all paperwork involved. Read everything. Ask questions about things you don’t understand. Legitimate companies won’t have hidden clauses or fees. If you see those things, you could be getting scammed. Being the victim of a scam may not be enough to get you out of the contracts you sign. They are likely still legally binding.

Homes are the most expensive purchase most people will ever make. Given their dollar value, it makes sense that some would try to take advantage of that. Protect yourself by making sure that the person or company you intend to sell your home to is legitimate. It will require some effort on your part, but the security you enjoy because of it is well worthwhile.

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