Here are 3 Reasons to Consider Selling Your House in Dallas

Selling your house is never an easy decision, and sometimes it’s hard to know when the time is right. You might not have any desire to move. Selling is notoriously stressful and challenging. But the truth is that there’s never been a better time to sell a house. Here’s a look at three reasons you should consider selling your Dallas home right now. 

1. Mortgage Rates are Low

There’s a reason so many people are out shopping for homes right now. You can get interest rates as low as 2.5% on a 30-year mortgage, which is significant considering that rates just 10-years ago were over 5%. This means it’s a great time to buy, so consider selling your house and getting a great rate on a new home purchase.

2. House Prices are High

As low as the mortgage rates are, house prices are equally as high. Low inventory combined with the low rates has caused an increase in competition, which ultimately drives up home prices. Home values in Dallas have increased approximately 60% over the last five years, so your Texas home is worth more now than ever before. Take advantage of the increased home values by selling your home and using the equity to get into a new house that better suits your needs. 

3. It’s a Seller’s Market

A seller’s market is a unique time in the real estate market when the demand for houses is high, and the supply is low. Fewer houses for sale and many buyers out home shopping mean that the sellers can keep prices high.

The COVID-19 pandemic did a real number on the real estate market, and we’re still experiencing those effects. Home sales virtually stopped for months in March of 2020, causing interest rates to plummet. Once people felt comfortable venturing out of their homes again, homebuyers came out in full force. Few houses were on the market, so home prices skyrocketed nationwide. Even though inventory has increased since then, prices and demand remain high, and the seller’s market remains. 

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