Downsizing Your Home in Texas? Here’s How to Keep Your Stuff.

Downsizing Your Home in Texas? Here’s How to Keep Your Stuff.

Does the idea of downsizing your home give you anxiety and concern about what you’ll do with all of your stuff? You aren’t alone. On average, 51% of retirees find themselves moving to a smaller home with less maintenance. Downsizing is also common among empty nesters whose kids recently left the house. Whatever the reason for the change, it’s important to have a plan for your stuff when you move. 

Here are a few tips for keeping your stuff while downsizing in Texas.

Plan Ahead and Consider Your New Space

Sorting through your things can take a lot of time, so start early. As soon as you know what your new space will look like, you should begin looking at larger pieces of furniture and consider if they’ll fit well in your new space. 

If the downsizing is temporary and you plan to move into a bigger house again, a storage unit is a great solution to store a lot of your stuff. Most of the time, though, downsizing your home is a more permanent solution. For these situations, it’s best to donate or sell items that won’t fit comfortably in the new house. 

Eliminate Clutter

As you sort, keep an eye out for clutter that can be eliminated. Cutting down on unimportant things can help hold space for the stuff you really want to keep. Clutter might include old magazines, outdated power cords, clothes that no longer fit, etc. Be thorough while you pack your things and get rid of clutter. Here are some other items you can leave behind: multiples of the same object, broken items, and antiquated technology. 

Sentimental items that no longer have a purpose can be difficult to address, so many people just leave them in boxes untouched for years. Take a leap and open the box. See if you can find ways to incorporate them into your regular life. Use sentimental vases or mugs as pencil holders or jewelry bowls. Frame your son’s old sports jersey and give it to him as a gift. For those items, you can’t use, consider taking a photograph to remember them. Saving a photo of a special item often makes it easier to get rid of it. 

Maximize Storage Spaces

Storage is important in smaller homes, so make the most of your storage spaces. Add shelves in open closets to eliminate wasted space. Utilize under-bed storage, and use bookshelves and cabinets as needed to make more room for your things.

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