What are the Benefits to Selling Fast for Cash?

Has anyone you know ever talked to you about selling their home to a cash buyer? It’s not super common, so it may not be anything you’ve heard about in person. You may have seen ads advertising for buyers who will buy your home fast for cash. Even that can be enough to prompt some … Continued

How Fast Can I Close with a Cash Buyer?

If you’ve heard much about cash buyers, especially professional cash home buying companies, you’ve probably heard that they can buy your house from you much faster than the average traditional buyer is capable of. Part of this is because of their expertise in the real estate industry. Most of it is because they pay with … Continued

Closing Costs and Cash Buyers: What You Should Know

If you’ve never sold a home before, it might surprise you to know that most sellers have costs that they have to pay for. Among the costs that sellers are often responsible for are some of the closing costs. These include things like transfer taxes, title insurance, prorated property taxes, and HOA fees, among others. … Continued

What It Means to Sell Your Home As-Is

Do you know what your options are when it comes to selling your house? Most people think that in order for their house to sell, it has to be in perfect condition. Choosing to go that route means spending hours and hours getting your home updated, fixed up, and spotlessly clean. What if you didn’t … Continued

Kinds of Homes Cash Buying Companies Purchase

When it comes time to sell your home, you likely have a list of priorities. The top priorities amongst homeowners selling their homes often include things like getting the best offer for their home, selling quickly, and negotiating terms that are in their favor. Of course, certain types of properties may cause you to think … Continued

What to Expect From the Cash Home Buying Process

If you’ve ever sold a home before, you have at least some idea of what all goes into the process. There’s the photos, the listing, the staging, the cleaning, the showings, the negotiations, the wait on financing, the fees, and a whole host of steps that have to be taken first. The cash buying process … Continued

Do Cash Buyers Provide Any Special Value?

Houses get sold all the time and in every place. Traditionally, listings are created to advertise the house on the market. Real estate agents are often hired to help everything go smoothly. Selling a house can get pretty tricky sometimes, after all. Most buyers require financing in order to afford the high cost of a … Continued