Why Some People Sell to Cash Buyers

Have you ever seen signs that promise cash for selling your house direct-to-buyer? It may seem like a strange idea, considering most houses are sold on the market and most buyers need a mortgage loan to pay for the property. Selling to cash buyers is a legitimate way to sell your house though, and there … Continued

How Do I Find a Legitimate Home Buying Company?

There are bad actors in every industry that exists. Real estate is no exception. Illegitimate or unscrupulous companies, buyers, agents, and sellers alike will take advantage of anyone they can. Falling victim to these schemes can be a huge blow. So how can you make sure a home buying company is legitimate? Look at the … Continued

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Downsize?

Have you heard people talking about downsizing their homes lately? Some people love living in big houses, but it’s not the right fit for everyone. Even people who need bigger houses at some point may find that their needs change over time. The time to make the switch varies from person to person. So how … Continued

Top Issues You Avoid When You Sell Direct-to-Buyer

What emotions do you feel when you think about selling your house? Do you suddenly find yourself feeling stressed and worried about how to navigate all the issues that inevitably crop up when trying to sell your house? If so, consider selling your house directly to a buyer like Joe Homebuyer of Dallas. This allows … Continued

What Are the Steps in the Cash Home Buying Process?

Do you need to sell your home quickly? If so, have you considered selling your home for cash to a professional cash home buying company? Joe Homebuyer of Dallas offers homeowners a quick, easy way to sell their homes. But what is the cash home buying process like? What does it require from you as … Continued

Closing Costs Involved When Selling to a Cash Buyer

Sellers don’t just make money when selling their homes–they often have to spend some as well. Sellers are often on the hook for expenses like real estate agent commissions, repairs, and closing costs. When it comes to expenses like closing costs, however, how the buyer is paying can impact what closing costs are involved. Closing … Continued

Behind on Payments? Sell Your Home to a Home Buying Company

No one means to fall behind on their mortgage payments. Unfortunately, being behind on mortgage payments is a situation that too many homeowners find themselves in. It’s not always their fault either. You could be furloughed or laid off even if you did everything right. You might be the victim of an accident that keeps … Continued

How to Pay Less in Commissions When Selling Your House

Sellers are usually the ones responsible for paying commissions in real estate transactions. Did you know that commissions can be anywhere from 3%-6% of the sale price of the home? If you were to sell your home for $428,700 (the current median price of a home in the United States), you’d be looking at paying … Continued

Saving Money By Selling Your Home for Cash

Selling your home can actually be a very expensive process if you don’t go about it wisely. This is because traditional selling methods often have hidden fees and costs. These extra costs can cut into the profit you ultimately make on your home, but you can save money when you choose to sell your home … Continued