Are Professional Home Stagers Worth It in Texas?

Are Professional Home Stagers Worth It in Texas?

If you’re selling your Texas home, staging is probably on your mind. You could hire professional home stagers, or you could attempt to do it yourself. 

Staging is important to selling your house for top dollar, whichever route you take. According to a 2019 study by the National Association of Realtors, 40% of buyer’s agents report that home staging has a significant impact on the buyers view of the home. 

The value of staging a home is undisputed, but what about hiring professional stagers? Is it worth it to have your home professionally staged in Texas? Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Professional Home Stagers?

People who stage homes professionally are talented designers and artists who know how to style homes to fit the local market. They are familiar with current trends and have the resources available to showcase your entire home. 

Professional home stagers have an eye for usability, and they are able to see some spaces in a home in a different light than the homeowner. They might turn an unused awkward corner space into a reading nook or arrange the furniture in a room to create a more natural flow. Their goal is to make your home feel comfortable to potential buyers so they can visualize themselves living in the space.

Are Professional Home Stagers Worth the Cost?

Home stagers bring a lot of value, but many homes will sell quickly and easily without the need to spend money on professional staging. These homes are usually in good condition, in a great neighborhood, and not overly personalized. Other homes could really benefit from professional staging, and sometimes even need it to get an offer. These types of homes include:

  • Highly personalized homes, like those with many bright paint colors or niche decor elements
  • Vacant homes with empty rooms that feel cold and flat
  • Hard-to-sell houses that don’t fit the standard mold

Professional stagers in Texas charge anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the scope of the job. The thought of spending so much money on staging up front might be off-putting, but it’s important to remember that staged homes often sell for more money than their non-staged counterparts. Hiring a professional stager could ultimately be putting more money in your pocket, especially if you consider that a non-staged home might go stale on the market and require a price reduction. The cost of staging would certainly be significantly less than the amount lost by reducing the price of your home. 

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