Advice for Selling Your Home in Dallas When You Have Pets

Selling your home in Dallas is a lot of work, but when you have pets there are even more things you need to consider. How will you keep your home clean and free from hair and pet smells when buyers come to look at the house? Where will your pets go during an open house or showings? What about hiding litter boxes and feeding bowls? It can easily feel overwhelming. Here’s our best advice for how to sell your Texas home when you have pets.

Deep Clean Your Home

Your pet might be your best friend, but potential buyers won’t see them that way. It’s important to do a thorough deep clean when you’re selling your home so there’s no sign of hair or pet dander to be seen. If you have carpet, be sure to have them cleaned by a professional to remove any hair or stains. Scrub hard floors, too, and be sure there’s no dirt, urine, or other pet residue. Pay special attention to areas where your furry friend likes to hang out: around their bed, under and behind the litter box, and all around their food and water bowls. 

Make Sure Your Home Is Odor-Free

One of the biggest deterrents to home buyers is foul odors, and many pets are known for causing bad smells in the house. Do whatever it takes to get rid of the odor from your house. Find the source of the smell and remedy it rather than trying to mask it with air fresheners and room sprays. Clean the rugs and carpets. Wash your pets bedding. Clean the cage. Empty the litter box. Turn on fans throughout your home and open the windows when weather allows to circulate fresh air throughout the house. If you’re still having trouble handling pet odors, try some of these helpful tips

Get Rid of the Evidence

Some buyers might be wary of buying a home with pets, so try to remove any evidence of your pets for listing photos, showings, and open houses. Hide their toys, food, dishes, and supplies. Make sure the pets are not on the property when buyers come to see your home. Repair anything that was broken by your pets and clean up the yard and outdoor areas to show no signs of pets or damage. 

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