A Guide to Get Your Old House in Texas Ready for the Big Sale

Do you have an old house in Texas that you’re ready to sell, but it needs some serious work done first? 

Selling an old home can be difficult since it’s likely to need renovations or repairs, but many buyers are attracted to older homes because of their charm and character. If you’re ready to put in some work, our guide will help you get that old Texas house ready for the big sale in no time at all. 

Clean Like You’ve Never Cleaned Before

Cleaning is an obvious first step for getting any house ready to sell, but it’s especially important for old homes. Whether you opt to do the cleaning yourself or hire professionals, make sure the job is done thoroughly. Wash the walls and baseboards. Scrub the bathrooms. Clean the inside and outside of all the appliances. Wipe down the light fixtures and ceiling fans. Have the carpet and rugs shampooed. Pressure wash the exterior of your home. Declutter and remove any garbage from the property. Cleaning is an essential first step to getting your house ready to sell.

Get a Home Inspection

Any buyer will order a home inspection, and any surprises that come up could derail the sale. An easy way to avoid this is to order your own home inspection before you even list it, especially when you’re selling an old home. The inspector will look at your house in extreme detail and let you know of any issues he sees so you can choose whether or not to address them before you sell.

Fix Anything That’s Broken

You don’t need to spend a fortune remodeling your old house, but it’s a good idea to fix anything that’s broken before you try to sell it. Patch any holes in the walls. Make sure all of the appliances are functional. Replace broken light fixtures and burned-out bulbs. Repair any broken windows or doors. Everything in your home should be safe and functional before you list it for sale.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint can work wonders when it comes to transforming an old home. Go ahead and paint all those walls, and the ceiling and trim could probably use it too. It’s a good idea to stick with classic, neutral colors like these. Once the paint is up you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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